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Welcome to the high-tech world of Seema Goyal’s Dental Clinic (SGDC)

Welcome to Dental Clinic

Welcome to the high-tech world of Seema Goyal’s Dental Clinic (SGDC) located in the heart of Delhi. We empower a world-class medical team with the best of dental technology, so we are able to collectively transform not just your smile, but the very quality of your life!

What our patients can expect at SGDC….

  • Brilliant minds in the field of Dentistry, hand picked from top Institutes

  • Advanced technology…

  • Compassionate hands that leave no stone un-turned to fulfil your expectations and raise the bar.

Advantageous location that can be accessed from almost anywhere!
  • Find us easily on any Delhi map with easy access to public metro and private vehicles.

  • The centre is strategically designed to provide close parking facilities for all its clients.

  • Conveniently located on the ground floor of the building, wheelchair facility is additionally available on request.

Choicest crew enabled by medical expertise & sophisticated machinery!

 • All our equipment is computerised and handled with frequent sterilisation, using top industry standards, so our patients are always protected from all hazards (including radiation).
• Specialised nurse trained in emergency services available 24/7 to record critical parameters like blood pressure, blood sugar, etc. on demand.
• If you have sensitive health conditions (like Diabetes, Kidney transplant), our specialists are available to assist you in a completely safe manner.

Our crew is also extra mindful of the needs of children and the elderly. Regardless of your age and background, at SGDS, you are in the understanding hands of trained experts. Our team works with one goal – the health and safety of our patients always come first!

Exhaustive range of dental services to attend to your every need!
  • Our fully automated practice guarantees both precision quality for a wide range of treatments. (Includes various types of fillings, elaborate root canal treatments, delicate extractions, night guards, Apicectomies, etc. See our Services page for complete list.)

Contact the SGDS team today for a guaranteed problem-free experience so you can soon smile widely and with complete ease!

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We empower a world-class medical team with the best of dental technology, so we are able to collectively transform not just your smile, but the very quality of your life!

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Committed To Dental Excellence

We Create Beautiful and Brighter Smiles

Dr. Seema Goyal’s Dental Clinic

It is Multispecialty Dental Clinic in North Delhi. The Clinic provides a full service dental practice for everything from general, cosmetic to advanced Dentistry. We have a team of Consultants providing advance level of cosmetic & implant dentistry & also regular dental care service. It is the most Trusted Dental Clinic of North India.

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We Have All Your Dental Needs Covered

The SGDC crew offer a wide range of dental services, and a select sample is listed below. If you need a service that is not listed below, contact us to find out how we can accommodate your need.


Have coffee stains reduced your smile’s luster? Worry not, as our Scaling & polishing services can get rid of even the most stubborn external stains. An additional round of home bleach will also vanish internal stains.


Crooked teeth not only take away from your smile, they can also form a speech impediment and put a dent into your overall confidence. Fortunately, there are several dental services that can fix/ reform crooked teeth with ease. This includes accelerated orthodontics, clear braces, dental crowns/ caps, veneers, etc. You can rest assured that SGDS staff will guide you on the simplest and quickest technique that is best for you.


A memorable day like your wedding requires special attention to your teeth, so it captures your delightful smile in all its glory. Our special bridal package include a host of whitening, polishing, bleaching and scaling services to address this very special need. With this, you can revel in being treated like an exclusive celebrity, and also look like an exclusive, polished celebrity!


A bad breath can put off anyone for clear no fault of yours! The SGDS team addresses this delicate issue sensitively to get to the root of the problem, literally and figuratively.


Do you know that 30 minutes in our office at the hands of our dental experts can add undeniable brilliance that lasts for years? Yes, that’s all it takes! Schedule a consultation and walk out with an extra spring in your step and shine to your smile!


Do you know that sagging teeth can make you look years older than you are? The good news is that it can be fixed with straightforward and affordable dental services. Contact us today to find out how you can look younger without burning a hole in your pocket!


A baby’s smile is precious for so many reasons. We honor this sentiment and take extra special care for your little munchkins. For best results, visit a pediatric dentist when your child turns one, so their darling smile is protected forever. And if your child has already turned three without visiting a dentist, book your appointment today to protect your child’s smile for tomorrow!


The latest of laser technology is used to ensure the comfort of our patients, while delivering results with precision. This includes dental services to reshape gums, toughen existing fillings, whitening processes, and oral (dental) biopsy. This significantly reduces recuperative time, as this technology also minimizes bleeding, swelling of gums, potential for tissue-damage, etc. All in all, this is a win-win situation for both SGDS and our clients!


No pain no gain” is a myth at SGDS, as we are experts at helping our elite customers look younger with painless surgery.


We provide safe installation of crown caps and tooth jewelry, including Swarovski Crystals and Diamonds. Color and size of the crystal is customisation as per your desires, and the process is undeniably safe, painless, and reversible. So you can change your mind in the future with no side-effects.

What can you expect at SGDC irrespective of the service you choose?
  • Exemplary quality of service that comes with 25 years expertise, providing top dental services for Delhi’s residents by the city’s trusted specialists.

  • Prestigious care given from kind experts – we always use the best in technology, but we also top it up with unsurpassed levels of patient care.

  • Digitisation of all records, so your experience is pleasant and seamless.

  • Highest safety standards that meet top-quality norms of international organisations like WHO and BMW.


Happy Stories

Creating Vibrant Smiles for Healthy Lifestyles!
had a unique problem that worsened her shyness – her teeth did not meet! Yes, the uneven gaps in her teeth not only took away from the natural beauty of her smile, but it also interfered in daily activities like chewing her food. In fact, Jwala had grown accustomed to swallowing her food without chewing it much, as it was such a cumbersome, tiring process. This also created health problems for Jwala, especially during her middle-age. Imagine how much more painful it could get during her senior years! Fortunately, a friend told Jwala about SGDS, and while she was initially hesitant about using braces, the long-term affects far outweighed the short-term inconvenience. Now, after the right dental treatment, Jwala chews thoroughly and smiles widely. No gap was ever going to dim her brilliant personality again!
was in his early 50’s, an age considered too old and ridiculous for braces. Aren’t those limited to our school years? Fortunately, this disempowering myth has been busted by modern technology, making braces both practical for older people, and less visible to the naked eye. As Swagat sums his dental experience, “Thank you SGDS for making me realize that I’m never too old to celebrate my smile. I deserve to shine, just like any other person. Now, I hardly recognize the Swagat grinning broadly at me when I look in the mirror!”.
understood the power of visuals, especially the power of her smile, as she was crowned the prettiest in her community, especially due to her smile. But did you know that this special version of Amala’s smile was initially flawed, with protruding lower and front teeth? In fact, Amala shares that she repeatedly put off her high reaching dreams, as she thought her teeth were too imperfect for her to make it in the world of visual glamour. Fortunately for Amala, all it took was one visit to SGDS to convince her to keep her mighty dreams alive and throbbing. An orthodontic treatment is bound to help. It may not always win you the “prettiest smile” crown, but it will always bless you with unshakable confidence.

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