A Better Life Starts with a Beautiful Smile

Welcome to the high-tech world of Dr. Seema Goyal Dental Clinic (SGDC)


“A family that smiles together, stays together.” ~ Anonymous

At SGDC, we believe this to be indeed true. Do visit us to kick-start your gleeful journey!

What can you expect from the world-class SGDC facility?

  • SGDC is that rare facility that is powered by both German and American cutting-edge technology. This translates to a host of advantages for our valuable patients. 
  • We promise world-class quality with tremendous responsibility. 
  • Top notch equipment like apex locator, anesthetic system for pair management etc. With this, our dentists execute with better precision, using painless methods, in order to offer single-sittings for complex procedures (like RCT). 
  • This also results in shorter recuperation time, after the dental procedure. 
  • 10-years of experience delivering high quality results, leading to unbroken trust by our loyal clients. At SGDC, nothing is compromised for your safety and comfort. 
  • No hidden costs. The entire team is upfront about every aspect of the dental procedures on offer, so you can make informed, cost-effective decisions. 
  • “Kind hands” from an expert dental team. We do not compromise either on our compassion and affection for our patients, or on our quality of service. 
  • World class services at Indian prices! It is no wonder we attract the expat community for our patients!
  • The clinic is strategically designed to be handicap-friendly. We leave no stone unturned to attend to your comfort!
  • At SGDC, every dental feature is thoughtfully crafted keeping patient comfort and convenience in mind. (Hint, this is especially true of our prices!)
  • Budget friendly – some of our procedures can be safely self-administered, so you able to tap into economic savings. We also empower our clients with a comforting payment plan. (We accept cheque, cash and Paytm payments). Also, don’t be surprised at our frequent giveaways – whether it is a free consultation/ discount on a pre-booking, or a special price for referrals and our loyal patients – we love to thank you for choosing us!
  • The Delhi premises is a multi-specialty dental clinic offering an exhaustive list of dental services and procedures. The compassionate staff come with decades of experience delivering high quality solutions to common dental problems. 
Online accessibility and social networks
For direct Contact:
  • Visit our website (www.drseemagoyal.com) too book your appointment or simply ask your question. 
  • The (private) DM is especially useful for direct contact. There is no expectation, and no hidden cost. 
  • You can also ask your query using this DM. Yes, this is a FREE service. If our dentist is able to address your question without consultation – i.e. without looking at your teeth in person, we certainly will, freely and quickly. 
  • In case of suggested procedures, all details are provided through the DM (where possible, without in-person consultation), so you can make an informed decision to visit us. 
  • Remember, even the most complex procedures (like RCT) have been simplified with modern dental technology, so many can be covered in a single, relatively painless sitting. So don’t shy away from visiting your dentist!
  • Safety is our top priority. Our facility at Delhi is aligned with stringent safety standards, with NO fire hazards. 
  • We are available 24/7 in problem solving mode for your convenience