A Better Life Starts with a Beautiful Smile

Welcome to the high-tech world of Seema Goyal’s Dental Clinic (SGDC)


Founder of SGDC
(Dr. Seema Goyal)

Dream more than others think practical” ~ Howard Schultz, Founder of Starbucks

Way back in the early 80’s, Seema Goyal was driven by a potent dream – to set up a world class dental clinic in the heart of India’s capital city. Now this wouldn’t be just another clinic in Delhi, but one that was unquestionably committed to patient’s well-being, while also using cutting-edge dental technology in ways that were inherently pocket friendly. Yes, Seema was that youngster who had warmhearted yet ambitious dreams about caring for other people’s teeth! 

It was this dream that propelled her to pursue dentistry, graduating from the illustrious Dr. R. Ahmed Dental College in Kolkata in 1987. This also compelled her to stretch herself – from working long and productive hours at Delhi’s top hospitals as a dentist, to putting in extra hours over the weekend as she strove to open her own dental practice with international standards.

The SGDC clinic is thus a result of 25 years of sheer hard work mixed with grit, along with large doses of Dr. Seema’s devotion to her patients, uncompromising commitment to excellence, unapologetic passion for dentistry, and excitement in bringing top line dental technology to every street corner in India! 

Core values of SGDC…
  • Patient satisfaction is the ultimate reward! Along with modern dentistry, a warm heart and a friendly smile go a long way in reliving a patient’s discomfort. 
  • Every person is unique, and hence so are their dental needs. The SGDC team takes extra care to render personalised/ customised consultation and services to every patient. 
  • Pain relief can be easily achieved with modern dental technology. SGDC hence spares no resource to ensure modern dentistry is used to alleviate a patient’s suffering.
Ancillary interests of Dr. Seema Goyal…
  • Support for education, especially for women. Dr. Seema Goyal sponsors several mentor-ship programs for budding women professionals. 
  • Environment conservation. Yes, our committed founder feels equally passionate about recycling and dentistry!
  • Commitment to public health and well being, whilst providing support through philanthropic ventures. For this, Dr. Seema Goyal has dedicated herself to many a social cause, including raising awareness on breast cancer and women’s civil rights in India.

Ultimately, SGDC was founded with the intention to modernise dental practices in India. For this, Dr. Seema Goyal gathers extensive knowledge from reputable conferences held within the fraternity. This also provides SGDC the opportunity of networking with other leading professionals in the field of dentistry.