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“Peace begins with a SMILE.” ~ Mother Teresa

“We work hard, so a cracked smile may never disturb your peace!” ~ SGDC Team)

Brushing 101

Know all that is essential to this daily action…

  • For teeth that sparkles brilliantly without rotting even during your later years, brush at least twice a day, every day – once before you begin to eat anything for the day, and once after you’ve finished eating for the day.
  • The 2-minute brushing rule is real. This gives you adequate time to reach every nook and corner that powers your brilliant smile.
  • Brushing should protect and polish your teeth, not injure or damage your sensitive gums! You can avoid an over-aggressive action by angling your brush at a 45O angle. 
  • For best results, use a gentle circular motion on upper teeth, lower teeth, inner of both uppers and lowers, and top tip on both ends. 
  • At the end, don’t forget to brush your tongue, as this is an equally important contributor to oral health and fresh breath. 
  • Don’t use a tooth brush for longer than 3-4 months.

Flossing 101

Good things come to those who floss, and especially to those who do it right every day” ~ Anonymous

Flossing can be the distinguishing factor between those with a superlative set of teeth, and those with average teeth. 

Strengthen your dental care with these 4 flossing tips …

  • Where you toothbrush fails to reach, your dental floss always treats. So make flossing a daily routine.


  1. Gently stretch about 16-18 inches of floss wrap around your middle fingers. Stretching it too tight can break the floss. Keeping it too loose gives you a weak grip.
  2. Use your thumb to navigate the floss to your upper gumlise (point of gum line where the bacteria love to collect).
  3. Gently pull the floss back and forth to drive away all bacteria. Do this for a second or two between all your teeth.
  4. For the lower teeth, use the index finger for comfortable navigation.


Laser is indeed an extraordinary gift of modern science and technology. Dental services that were previously considered painful, cumbersome, long-winded and filled with risks, have now been made both seamless and risk-free, all thanks to this wondrous technology. 

SGDC deploys top quality laser equipment handled by our expertly trained staff, in order to deliver you a smooth and enjoyable experience. 

What can laser do for you at SGDC?

  • Offer benefits of modern dental technology that meet the superlative standards of WHO.
  • Reshape gums without triggering bleeding, also allowing them to heal faster.
  • If you have an existing filling that is shaky, laser technology can fix this problem easily.
  • Used in oral biopsy so we can quickly diagnose if you have a worrying cavity.
  • Extensively used in teeth whitening services without creating gaps. 

Benefits of using laser technology for dental services:

  • Minimise pain during surgery.
  • Minimise bleeding, swelling & bloating of gums and tissues during treatments. This significantly reduces risk while maximising precision and effectiveness of treatment.
  • Laser enables dental experts to work on multiple activities simultaneously, so treatment is cohesive and faster. (E.g. Our doctors are able to cut and coagulate together during surgery, so there is less time and opportunity for bleeding.)
  • Allows for greater protection when working with sensitive dental tissues, and during surgery.
  • Minimises inflammation during dental procedures, so post-operative care is quickened. Accelerates post-operative healing, simply due to the precision with which the dentist is able to operate laser technology. This plays a big role in reducing manual error and delivering exactly what the dentist ordered.
  • Avoids carbonation or thermal cauterisation, so the dental procedures are risk-free and no longer uncomfortable. 

In fact, laser technology is so effective with reducing pain, that many a time, the dentist can use a lower dose of aesthetics during procedures. This again accelerates post-operative healing. 

Limitations of laser technology in dental care: 

  • Laser technology does not eliminate anaesthesia altogether. 
  • In some cases, this technology cannot be used on existing fillings.

Wedding Package

A smile is the most beautiful curve on a bride’s face” ~ Chinar Thakur

Weddings in Delhi have always been an extra special, celebratory affair. But for the bride and groom, they have several more dazzling reasons to rejoice, especially as our team work together to craft out an SGDC-worthy wedding smile!

Tangible and non-tangible aspects of SGDC wedding package …

  • In modern society, visuals often tell a bigger story. So we simply won’t allow crooked teeth or a less than dazzling to smile ruin critical photos that capture your most precious memories. 
  • Cosmetic dentistry is done not just for aesthetic purposes, but also as a key component of self development. Do you know that anyone who expects to shine in public – like celebrities, sports people, statesman and almost anybody of public importance – does not hesitate to use cosmetic dentistry to bring out the best? What can be more public than a glorious Indian wedding in the capital city?
  • When you smile easily and freely, your confidence gets a huge boost. This is bound to show in your wedding photography and videography as you look and feel resplendent. Heck, even your teeth radiates this undeniable truth!
  • Modern dental procedures empowered by laser technology are straightforward, quick and almost painless, requiring just a few days of post-operative care. Don’t let your fear come in the way of showcasing a brilliant smile. 

An anonymous artist once said that a smile is the biggest masterpiece on the wondrous canvas that is a woman. On this special day, let your smile shine through just like the rest of your wedding – perfect!

A wedding day is truly special. for this reason, we’ve tagged these exhaustive set of elite dental services under “Wedding package”. But you can avail it, even if you are not due for a wedding, or simply want to recapture the lost brilliance of a smile. 

Depending on your needs, you may need to schedule an appoint a few days before your wedding so we can offer you the best veneer/ whitening/ polishing services to brighten up your precious smile.

Endo/ Aesthetic Dentistry

At SGDC, we believe that every smile is precious, and hence deserves to enjoy its God-given birthright of gorgeous visual appeal! Hence we have aesthetic dentistry

Now combine this with the implementation and usage of technology which enables you to smile freely and comfortably, without any crooked forms distorting the view, and we have Endo/ Aesthetic dentistry. 

Yes, Endo aesthetic dentistry includes the use of innovations in modern technology, along with an exhaustive science that strengthens your dental health while enhancing your precious smile. The result is an artful yet scientifically crafted marriage of 2 key elements: 

  1. form (including innovative dental design), and 
  2. function (comfortable movement of dental joints along with strength and stability). 

This practical combination is also achieved by blending cutting edge dental technology, along with the irreplaceable expertise of our experienced dentists. With this, our patients can expect to have a detailed understanding of all relevant dental procedures that will be executed, so they are empowered to make informed decisions. 

What can you expect at SGDC during an Endo Aesthetic dentistry procedure?

  • Safety first, always. SGDC will never compromise on the safety of the client. 
  • Functional goal of Endo Dentistry is to enable total bacteria removal from all nooks and corners of your teeth. Again, this is cleverly achieved using modern technology to spread whiter, wider and happier smiles!
  • Aesthetic goal is to empowers our clients to consciously craft your smile, just the way you want it. Yes, if Photoshop was a dental tool, we’ve provide it at SGDC through Endo aesthetic dentistry!
  • Even the most courageous of folks shudder at the thought of a root canal treatment. With modern technology, SGDS dental professionals can help you cruise through a seemingly terrifying RCT procedure, in a single session, with considerably less pain
  • Yes, that is indeed one (relatively) painless session for the dreaded RCT! Similar results can be achieved for almost all complex dental procedures, thanks to the availability of modern dental equipment like Endo motor, apex locator, etc.
  • The Photoshop-like power of Endo dentistry can help to clean and shape your root canal, across 3 dimensions. With this, any form of crookedness affecting your smile will soon be a thing of the past. 
  • A dental preparator is often used to numb the teeth and surrounding area during elaborate dental procedures. At SGDS, we go to great lengths to ensure that the preparator we choose for you, does not interfere with your genetic biology. 
  • The myth that technology is expensive, is frequently broken at SGDS appointments! In fact, people are surprised to realize that even the most comprehensive dental procedure executed at our premises, is several times more cost effective than at most foreign countries. This also encourages the expat community to choose SGDC for dental services. 
  • Bad breath can have both personal and professional repercussions in your life. Odor removal due to dental disorders can be diagnosed and suitably addressed through Endo dentistry. 
  • If gaps between your teeth are taking away from you smiling widely and confidently, our design and veneer related procedures can change this, very easily and very quickly. 

Buzz worthy trends supported by SGDC Endo Aesthetic Dentistry

Your dazzling smile can be taken to a whole new level with the use of dental jewellery. In fact, this has gained quite the popularity with urban youth looking to include diamonds and precious stones into a gorgeous smile. (And especially because diamonds ARE a girl’s best friend!) SGDC crew are trained to carefully implement this diamond-studded desire in an aesthetic manner. 

Endo dental technology also cover bonded restorations, laser dentistry, bleaching, dental implants, crown caps and  adhesive dentistry. As you can see, we have quite the elaborate dental tool belt to address your every dental need! 

Pediatric Dentistry

“It is easy to build strong children, than it is to repair broken men” ~ Frederick Douglass

Well, our team work mighty hard to give your strong children even stronger teeth with irresistible smiles! 

In fact, pediatric dentistry at SGDC is an incredibly rewarding affair – for the precious munchkins, for their doting but worried parents, and especially for our affectionate dentists with their soft touches from expert hands. 

It is also a captivating affair, unlike any other dental procedure! You see, whether the charming toddler is grinning at us celebrating her or his relatively toothless smile, or crying buckets about the unexpected loss of a treasured milk tooth, our dentists enliven the whole process by paying meticulous attention to the heart of it all – the delighted beam of the little one! 

Reassuring notes on infant teeth…

  • Your child’s safety and comfort remains the top priority. For this, we use minimal amount of anesthetics, as suitable and only when required.
  • The best time to introduce your precious one to her or his dentist is when they turn one. 
  • For an infant, milk teeth begin to sprout when they are about 6 months old. This is often (paradoxically) termed the “ugly duckling” phase, as they are filled with gaps that are still undeniably adorable. 
  • Remember, gap toothed smiles are NOT a cause of concern, and can even be joyous in babies. As each subsequent tooth “pops” out, our team can help you celebrate your infant’s growth with minimal pain. 
  • By the time your child turns 6 years old, she or he will begin the “mixed dentition” phase, as some milk teeth drop off to make space for newer, permanent teeth. This continues until your child reaches puberty (until 14 years of age). This is also the best time to easily and painlessly make corrections, so your child is blessed with a gorgeous smile all through their life. 

Special instructions for brushing baby teeth

  • Always begin with a toddler toothbrush. The bristles are much softer and finer, best suited for a baby’s delicate gums. 
  • Work with your child early to teach her/ him to brush their own teeth. For this, allow them to place their hand on the brush, while you maneuver with your hand placed gently on top. This is a great practice to awaken positive dental habits early in the child. 
  • Allow the child to ease through the front set of teeth during brushing, before guiding them to the tougher to reach molars. 
  • Continue supervising your child even when they are able to brush on their own (typically 3 years old), as they may miss covering trickier areas. By the time they are 8, they should have developed the natural intelligence to give their teeth a thorough brushing. 
  • Look up on the famous “fones technique” – a circular brushing technique that works safely for little children. 
  • Induct them into the 60-second-brushing rule right from the early days with a playful game. If you teach them not to get “bored” with taking care of their pearly whites, you’ve essentially blessed them with a winning smile for life!


What our patients can expect at SGDC….

Can a coat of porcelain add that extra punch and resplendence to your smile? Absolutely, as demonstrated through our veneer procedures!

Veneers are actually thin tooth-like coverings made of porcelain and composite. When placed around your teeth in a discreet manner, they not only enhance the luster of your smile, they can also be used to cleverly to hide oral issues like discolored or stained teeth, chipped or naturally crooked teeth, teeth worn out due to age, etc. In fact, veneers are the go-to technique to work any dental imperfection into a brilliant smile. 

When should you turn to veneers for treatment?

  • To fill gaps between teeth. 
  • To reform disfigurements into even teeth.
  • To hide caffeine and nicotine related stains
  • To make slight changes to the overall shape of your teeth that will in turn transform your smile. 
  • When you want more support and flexibility than conventional dental laminates. 

Always a little extra…

The best news about veneers is their durability. With a strong oral routine, your veneers can last for 10 good years. And all through this decade, the composition of the veneer ensures that it is naturally resistant to attracting new marks from stain-friendly products like tea/ coffee wine and even tobacco. While we certainly encourage you to develop a healthy lifestyle that you can sustain over the long term, you can rest assured that your veneers will not succumb to your current caffeine/ nicotine habits.

Cosmetic Dentistry

Unlock the key to a brand new smile, with cosmetic dentistry” ~ SGDC team.

Brief notes on Cosmetic dentistry

At SGDC, we treat your teeth with extra special care. But at the core, what we value the most is every person’s unique smile. Here, cosmetic dentistry is that field which is specially dedicated to enhancing smiles. As the name indicates, it is indeed cosmetic in nature, and hence may involve invasive methods to enhance the form of your teeth and overall shape of your smile. In this regard, it is different from aesthetics which uses endo dentistry to reform teeth through non-invasive methods. For this reason, some people may choose endo aesthetic dentistry over cosmetic dentistry. However, the invasive nature also provides the dentist with more control, precision and flexibility. 

At SGDC, we provide cosmetic dentistry functions through: 

  1. Conventional braces 
  2. Clear aligners
  3. Orthodontic treatment

Talk to the team at SGDC to find out which method will work better for your needs. 

When is it “too late” to change a smile?

Almost never! You see, the science of Orthodontics is related to improving your overall dental health, and this in turn can have a potent impact on the quality of your smile. So as long as you have teeth/ gums, you are eligible to improve your smile. 🙂

Orthodontics is also the preferred way to straighten teeth. This is especially impact if you have a lopsided smile. Visit our expert Orthodontist at SGDS today, and come away with practical suggestions to get a straight, more confident smile. 

Also, Orthodontics is not merely about improving aesthetics. In some cases, teeth deformations and non-alignment can have an adverse impact on your dental health, on your ability to chew and hence your digestive health, and sometimes even affect your speech. These are also problems that are unlikely to get fixed without dental intervention. In fact, they worsen over time, and can cause serious and often painful problems during adult and senior years – like worn out teeth surfaces, inability to chew, sensitive gums, frequently bleeding, frequent pain felt in gums or between teeth joint, etc. So the wise step is to visit an orthodontist today to have a happier, pain-free tomorrow. 

Are you the perfect candidate for braces? 

This is best decided by visiting our orthodontist at SGDC premises. After thorough examination of your teeth, bone structure, gums and health background, the dentist will recommend the best possibilities available to strengthen your dental health, and enhance the quality of your smile. This procedure is consistently followed for both children and adults. 

During this discussion, the orthodontist will also make recommendations while also outlining an approximate cost of treatment (including braces/ aligners). With this, our patients are empowered to make informed decisions before buying the final product. 

The next step is the order process based on your confirmation to proceed. For this, the dentist will conduct elaborate diagnostics on your dental health. This will be facilitated through X-rays, photographs and moulds of your teeth.

Will braces interfere with your lifestyle?

Modern braces, especially clear aligners, are very strategically designed and crafted to fit modern lifestyles. Their near-invisible nature makes it mighty convenient to don braces even when you are outside – professionally or socially – without making you feel overtly conscious about your teeth. In fact, some of our clients have shown us how good they look in pictures, all while wearing braces! 

With clear aligners, one would indeed need a lens to spot them even from a short distance. This is not by accident. The aligners are intentionally designed with smaller yet firm metal brackets that fold snugly in between teeth, so the front of your teeth look completely clear. This effect is multi-fold when they are made completely out of plastic or ceramic. They are also special “lingual braces” that fit from the back of your teeth, so they are practically invisible from the front!

The orthodontist at SGDC understands the challenges children and adults face with conventional braces, and will hence make every effort to suggest the perfect clear aligner that fits with your lifestyle. Your comfort and convenience is also our priority. 

Highlights of choosing Clear Aligners

  • Backed by German technology, clear aligners provide the support and protection of traditional braces coupled with modern orthodontist methods.
  • Highly recommended for re-aligning crooked or slightly deformed teeth. 
  • Transparent in nature, so they are not noticeable at a distance. This makes them ideal for daily use so you can wear them at your workplace without embarrassment. 
  • Every clear aligner ordered at SGDC is customised specifically for the patient. This way, the a comfort fit is guaranteed, so there are no follow-ups required after the clear aligners are fitted. 
  • The design of clear aligners can be verified (in 3D) before the final order is placed. Also, in the event there is a correction required in the final product, it can be easily fixed/ replaced with minimal loss of time in a cost-effective way. 
  • Customisation also takes away the need to adjust wire and brackets during fittings and cleaning. This ensures that they last longer without compromise. 
  • Since everything is prepared before the patient’s appointment, the fitting can be done quickly without hassles. This saves precious time for our patients, and for the SGDC dental team. 
  • The customised fit is guaranteed to be both comfortable and flexible, so it does not interfere in your chewing/ eating habits. Also, this takes away the irritation caused by protruding wires of conventional braces. 
  • Use of modern technology enhances the hygiene of this product. It is in fact perfectly okay for you to remove your braces when eating/ drinking/ sleeping or to clean them. You can also pop them back in with a little training, without the dentist’s supervision. 
  • Bio-compatible – the product is specially designed to cover all allergies, so your mouth can stay allergy-free. 

Extras provided by your local SGDC tooth fairy…

Gone are the days when a dentist appointment was triggered by a root canal causing  considerable pain. Today, your local dentist literally works as a “friendly tooth fairy” to make many a glamorous dream come true!

  • Do you want to grin freely and widely, giving Julia Roberts a run for her money with your million dollar smile? Of course your dentist can help you, and without charging million dollars!
  • Do you want a dental vanish to work on your teeth, so all those mean coffee/ tea/ tobacco stains vamoose in one sitting? Your dentist can do this too!
  • Are you the kind to use a powerful smile as “free therapy”, standing tall and grinning amongst all odds? Let your dentist craft the perfect one for you!

Today, a well-formed smile has become essential to getting a positive reaction from society. It is no longer a question of vanity to enjoy your smile, and spread your cheer with others too. A bright smile can also take years off your age, so it is a seamless way to look younger and feel happier. So when you approach a dental clinic to help with crafting a deformation-free, pain-free, gorgeous smile, your self-assurance improves by leaps and bounds along with dental health. 

So, aren’t you curious? 

Walk in to our SGDC center today to find out what we can do for your precious smile.

Special Procedures

What is “sculpt your smile” in dentistry? Am I eligible?

During research, we came across a survey on that one thing that people would most like to change about themselves. And yes, the consistent leading answer was always, “My smile”. You can observe this for yourself. How many people smile freely and widely all the time – in real life, in photographs, at social events, etc.? In fact, a significant number of people are more focused on “hiding their teeth” rather than beam up a disarming smile!

The “sculpt your smile” procedure at SGDC was specifically introduced to take care of this. 

With modern advancements, cosmetic dentistry now offers various cost-effective possibilities to consciously craft your smile, just the way you want it. For this, your dentist will first work to diagnose major issues – like deformed/ stained/ crooked/ chipped teeth, study the genetic nature of your gums and teeth, and only then suggest the perfect dentistry solution. Our intent is to help you smile freely, while also improving your overall dental health. For you, this is sure to translate to more confidence, more self-assurance, and an overall improved lifestyle.   

Highlights of special dental procedures offered at SGDC…

  • DENTURES: Unlike braces – which are used for supporting existing teeth, dentures are semi-permanent teeth used as a replacement for missing teeth and teeth-tissues. Today, modern dentistry makes use of varied types of durable and safe materials (like porcelain, acrylic plastic, composite, etc.), to sculpt customisation dentures that look just like real teeth. They can also be easily removed and put back without a dentist’s supervision. Due to their semi-permanent nature, they are ideally recommended for senior citizens. 
  • IMPLANT FOR MISSING TOOTH: If you find yourself in the embarrassing situation of having a tooth knocked off or fall off, don’t fret. The ungainly gap in your teeth can be easily fixed with a dental implant, in less than an hour’s worth of surgery, so your brilliant smile remains intact without gaps.
  • SMILE SCULPTING/ DESIGNING: Cosmetic dental procedures can be used along with endo dentistry, to easily address  troublesome tooth or jaw deformations. They work a lot like Photoshop does on pictures, except that your newly sculpted smile is real, and for keeps.
  • INVISIBLE BRACES (CLEAR ALIGNERS): If a dental deformation is not treated with priority, it can leave painful and long-term scars (like permanently crooked teeth, inability to chew food, speech impediments, etc.). However, most people shy away from adapting conventional braces for cosmetic reasons, especially when they are placed in people-facing roles. Invisible braces are the recommended modern alternative. They are effective like braces with additional flexibility to fit into modern lifestyles. 
  • METAL-FREE CROWNS: Gone are the days when an ugly metal crown cap distorted your otherwise brilliant smile. Today, metal free crown caps can be used to protect teeth and improve aesthetics. They also look perfectly natural so you do not look like a shady character from your favorite Western movie!
  • COMMON DENTAL PROCEDURES: This exhaustive list includes addressing the following patient needs:
  1. Advanced X-ray (RVG), apex location, 
  2. Children’s dentistry (also pediatric dentistry or kids dentistry), clear aligners
  3. Dental Crown, dental bridge, dentures, Diastema closure
  4. Endodontics
  5. Full mouth rehabilitation
  6. Gap closure
  7. Imparation, interceptive orthodontics, invisible braces
  8. Missing tooth replacement
  9. Odontologia, oral surgery
  10. Pedodontics
  11. Single sitting RCT, smile designing/ sculpting
  12. Steel Crown
  13. Tooth jewelry, tooth tattoo, teeth whitening
  14. Wisdom Tooth